Making the most of the 20th Anniversary Celebrations at Disneyland Paris

You may have been to Disneyland Paris several times, this might be your first time – either way it’s good to know what’s on and what extra 20th Anniversary special touches there are!

First things first – before you book, check the latest special offers as there are usually several deals available. The biggest discounts will often be on longer stays of 3 or 4 nights but there are also free night offers available. It’s worth remembering that a 4 nights for the price of 3 offer is equivalent to a 25% discount.

Top Anniversary Highlights

During the Daytime

th Anniversary Extended Hours

From 1st April – 30thSeptember 2012, all visitors to Disneyland Paris benefit from ‘Extended Hours’ in Disneyland Park.  Where previously later opening was restricted to the summer months of July & August it now means that outside these months you the park could be open as late as 10.30 – 11pm on weekends and 9.30pm during the week. Times will vary depending on when you’re travelling so do check when you arrive.

Don’t forget if you’re staying in one of the Disney Hotels then you also benefit from ‘Extra Magic Hours’ where you can enjoy selected rides in Disneyland Park up to 2 hours before normal park opening. That could be from as early as 8am which could give you over 12 hours of park time! (Don’t forget to pack the blister plasters!)

New Character Outfits

Buy a 20th Anniversary autograph book, grab your camera (or phone these days!) and snap the characters in their new anniversary outfits!

Even if us ‘big kids’ know it’s just a (lucky) cast member dressed up, we defy you not to get excited about meeting all the different characters during your stay! If nothing else you’’ll be swept up by the excitement of the children desperate to get a photo!

If you don’t catch them in the parks and you’re staying on one of the Disney hotels, don’t forget that there are scheduled appearances for different characters and well worth checking if you want a shorter queue!   

Anniversary Parade

Along with the new outfits, many of the characters have new floats for Disney Magic on Parade. All that combined with the fantastic new parade soundtrack is a definite must during your visit.

Be warned though – if you want a ‘front-row’ spot with views then you’ll need to bag it early! We suggest you have plenty of drinks and snacks to keep you going while you wait for the fun to start!

At Night

Disney Dreams

Read one of our earlier posts for full details but the Disney Dreams is an impressive combination of lasers, lights, music and fountains all projected on to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. All this set to a simply superb, specially composed music featuring classic Disney songs & characters.

The great thing about this show is that you don’t need front row seats and it can be seen from right down Main Street.

It will be a late night however so if you do have little ones then a nap earlier in the day is probably a good idea!


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